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tv   [untitled]    June 6, 2011 12:30am-1:00am PDT

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these tables are actually delivering door-to- door, that actually drives up the price of a little bit. i also have news racks, and that delivery option helps to drive up the price a little bit for some of the paper. are there any ones in particular -- dale seem pretty close. i cannot speak to the -- they all seem pretty close. they are pretty in line with where their circulation is and the distribution model. >> are these all of the newspapers in the city? >> there not. we of about 40 members of the association. some of them were reluctant to go to the bidding, but that targeted at outreach has been to their ethnic papers.
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especially in particular languages. most of them are english and targeted at specific neighborhoods. they are not aware of the outreach policies are evolving here. i will be talking to mark because he has good ideas about how to get the neighborhood association more involved to reach all the target areas. the "san francisco bay view" is a member of the association as well. we target the african-american community and they are an excellent option. supervisor campos: thank you. is there any other member of the public to what like to speak? seeing none, public comment is closed. president chiu: has there been
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any discussion about doing neighborhood outreach -- for example -- if we were able to set the rate on which newspapers can get the word out, as opposed to having a widely varying rates coming to us on how we approach bids? >> i'm not sure i'm getting the concept. president chiu: i'm wondering if there is a way to be a little more uniform about how we think about that neighborhood outreach. >> the price for newspapers, the administrative code is silence -- is silent on consideration of price as far as a warning that contract.
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outrage newspapers have different and more standards. what we could easily do for this presentation or certainly for next year is to include on the information we provide you is something like cost per household to deliver the ad. the would take the ad price and abide by the circulation and give an idea of how much the holocaust. you could perhaps make that a policy spread and a site where -- how much they cost. supervisor campos: is that
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information you could get to us quickly? >> i will do my best. president chiu: we could afford this item to the board and get it in time, prior to event meeting? my motion was around african- american and chinese newspapers. i would agree that the papers that have been recommended in his district make sense. i want to consider the "western edition" but i'm curious about the price per ad. i am comfortable if we have some rational basis about moving forward, but i think it is important. the question is whether we amend it now or whether we differ the neighborhood-based question for the board? supervisor farrell: i am probably ok doing either. i would probably boil down to
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cost per household, but we have to keep in mind that maybe it's more expensive to reach certain neighborhoods we deem appropriate, regardless. i don't know where we would ultimately go with that in terms of -- i would say rejected paper because it's more expensive -- but maybe it's a community we want to reach out to. i am comfortable doing either, i simply want to make sure we include the ones that have been responsive during the process or late because of the lack of outrage. my focus would be on next year and making sure we do more appropriate outrage to the entire base of neighborhood papers out the city, whether it's the associations to make sure this discussion next year is not fragmented and more of a comprehensive view. i think we can learn that going forward. i would be comfortable right now -- supervisor campos: perhaps we go
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with the recommendations right now and we recommend day -- and we go based on the data we get from oca. the recommended papers -- supervisor farrell: the ones we would consider going forward? supervisor campos: the three who submitted bids but submitted late bids in part -- in large part because they did not see -- they did not receive notification. we have a motion. can you clarify the motion? president chiu: it would be to include it -- i understand supervisor farrell once to include "north side san
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francisco" and we will consider the others based on the information we receive from oca. supervisor farrell: i was not sure if there were going to add it -- supervisor campos: we have a motion, if we can take that without objection. thank you. madame clerk, can you please call the next item? why don't we come back -- is there a way you could provide the information we are requesting later on in today's meeting so we can deal with this
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here? >> how much longer is the meeting going? >> i think at least another hour. supervisor campos: go back to item number four. we have a motion to reset the prior vote, if we could take that without objection. why do we hold off on item no. 4 right now call item no. 5. >> item #5, a resolution for the expansion and renaming of the fillmore jazz community benefit district. supervisor campos: before we continue, i would ask you to take your conversations outside. this is an item that has been introduced by supervisor mirkarimi and we have been joined by him. the floor is yours. supervisor mirkarimi: i
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supported the community benefits district on the filmore approximately five years ago. i did that with great reservation. that's why when we structured the community benefits district, we structured this unlike any other cbd unlike any other in san francisco. i put this in a five-year window is a pilot to see what its efficacy would amount to. i have strong concerns because it is coming close in its coinciding existence to a post redevelopment world where redevelopment is beginning to wind up in government and land use in the folder -- in the fillmore and parts of the japan town area. that put lots of responsibility of cbd to shoulder the kinds of
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challenges that redevelopment had a hard time addressing for more than 40 years. in that span of time, there has been a lot of lessons learned by both the mayor's office, oawd and to community leaders within the fillmore and western addition. as to how the cbd should run more smoothly and democratically. i am now supporting the renewal of the cbd, because of the last two years, there has been considerable progress in the direction of the -- the direction of cbd is going. i decided to give it a bonus. i put it on a seven-year renewal. that was not the request, but we negotiated to seven years.
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that is fitting for the track record the cbd is on right now. i would ask that we go ahead and hear the presentation and continue from there. supervisor campos: good morning. >> good morning. i'm with the office of economic and work-force development. we have provided packages for your review sponsored by supervisor mirkarimi, the resolution of intent for the fillmore community benefit district. i want to share my presentation with the chair of the cbd renewal committee who will go over the management plan and said different aspects the renewed cbd would be providing
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in terms of services to the cbd area. reverend townshend is here to represent the outrage conducted and it was the lead on the outreach in that community for the petition phase. they have submitted petitions representing over 56% support for the renewal of the fillmore cbd, which is set to expire at the end of this fiscal year. in order for them to continue providing services, they need to be renewed. they are in the process right now. with that, i would like to introduce the chair of the cbd renewal committee. supervisor campos: good morning. >> i would like to thank supervisors campos, farell, and
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a supervisor mirkarimi. on behalf of the fillmore jazz community benefit district, which we are renaming it to the fillmore community benefit district, its property owners, residents, community partners and visitors, we urge you to support the renewal, expansion and renaming of the cbd. i would like to ask members of our board and several committee stakeholders in attendance today to stand and be recognized. we are out in force with the intent of getting your affirmative vote. i would especially like to thank couple members of the community who have tirelessly assisted us in our efforts to achieve this
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renewal. the chair and the board of directors, members of the cbd renewal committee, mjm management, major property owners, including filmore center, represented here and at western commercial properties. last, but not least, i would like to recognize the community at large, which has been supportive in shaping the agenda and holding us to a high level of accountability. in the film more jazz district, our neighborhood transformation continues. as recently as five years ago, we were a place rich on history but short on a curb appeal. today, the fillmore is alive with music, community spirit,
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pride and participation. you see it among the hundreds of visitors enjoying the sun day free events and our farmers market. there is a joy of people's faces as they streamed out of the myriad of dining and entertainment venues or during the filmore art walk, use art show, salsa festival, or are many new restaurants and shops. we have a verdict -- we have overcome still perceptions by having a management plan that focuses on specific targeted areas -- street cleaning beautification, marketing and identity, and public safety. because of our initiatives to promote a seamless transition from filmore north of gary, today, fillmore street is one of the top destinations in the city. our most popular event of the year, the fillmore street jazz festival, is the hallmark of this reality. our continued success is made possible by working with the
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city and county of san francisco. supervisor mirkarimi, the mayor's office and work force development our key leaders in our endeavors. for example, we received a marketing grid in january aimed at promoting not only are larger dining and entertainment establishes com -- establishments, but the small businesses that rely on daytime patrons. that is due to events like the farmers' market on saturdays. furthermore, we have experienced a significant increase in tourists bust -- tourist bus visitors. the cbd has played a significant role in our transition period with this comes positive change, change in perception, awareness and a belief in what can be accomplished and how everyone can benefit when a community comes together. we are implementing a street ambassador program, akin to union square, that will enhance
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all three aspects of our operations. with a commitment of our property owners and residents, we can sustain our positive momentum. looking ahead, we also realize that as the cbd matures, we need to expand marketing to focus on the full diversity of our merchants, both large and small. we are committed to doing that. in the years ahead, there are new opportunities before us to create more seamless community, not just when the annual jazz festival brings us together. the infield project is the key to achieving that goal. so is our storefront improvement and streetscape beautification programs as well as the safety and marketing efforts. the vision is to connect fillmore as a destination for
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business. we moved one step closer to renewal for the next seven years and the continuation of the economic revitalization efforts. and the legacy of urban renewal. the reverend will now help to provide an overview of the outreach to the district property owners and the community at large. >> good morning, welcome. >> thank you. these are just work clothes. i wanted to give you with the outreach. this is not difficult. i know a young man who sells these. this was really twofold.
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i have been here for about 40 years. and this is sadly not even all of my life. this is about two-thirds of the spent there. we are excited about what is going on, and one reason we are excited is because we can live in the past or try to make something out of the future. it would be a long presentation if i tried to talk about this, to not let the legacy with a history died. we have to get behind these programs. they may not be ideal, but when this started, the idea was to try to make this better. what we did, we had information
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involving three community meetings, and involve me knocking on every door, going into every establishment in this area. one thing i was fascinated about was a number of property owners who were involved with their property, not nearly as many living out of town as you may think, there is a lot of local ownership. i did not know this and i have been there a long time. we went door-to-door telling about this, and especially -- i work with the owners who were not involved before, in the area we were trying to add, to
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increase what we could do. and after we went through that phase, i came back with actual petitions that we took to the business owners, with over 60% -- this was around 60% positive response. only about 6 or 7%-response. a lot of us, whenever there is a tax increase, many of us just will pay this. there was some amazing feedback that people were supporting, and i spoke to miss johnson, at the senior development. she did not want to pay a lot more, but she loved the idea and there is something complimentary about seeing the young people being from the neighborhood, to
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see the familiar faces out there. there was only one real request, that they have to do everything they can for the jazz festival, if they don't put the bandstand effort of the senior building. it will stay right there. they love those activities that they present their, and some people and not what the noise all day. getting this kind of feedback we were able to get from the churches, the people we left out intentionally last time that we tried to bring in. this concept is important to the neighborhood and we really do need your support, on taking this forward, so this district -- begins to have the same kinds
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of activities, the same kinds of support the other neighborhoods had, and the great thing about this is that they're doing this on their own this is not about running the redevelopment and not having to take the responsibility. we would like your support going forward, and maybe we can expand this even further, and show other property owners unsuccessful that this has been. thank you so much. >> i would like to offer the annual report, which was recently published. i will give this to the clerk for distribution. >> i wanted to call this into the record. we had a correction on the resolution, as well as in the
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management plans. there are redlines shown with the administrative, small correction. >> i am sorry. >> when i structure of this, i wanted to make certain that there was community participation. 50% of the board members own or have interest in real estate, located in this district. 25% of them should be in the district but they do not have an ownership interest. nearly 25% should be individuals with an ownership interest in business is located in the district.
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25% of the communication level -- how do we make certain that this is being respected and that those people are actually -- but are not connected to those who are either elected members, -- >> i would like to ask the chair of the board of directors to answer this question because he was part of the process and how they did the outreach to get the committee members to fill out applications. >> to answer your question, i worked on the board development committee, and we had a very thorough process in which we
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have applications that were funneled to the community. they were able to get participation from business and property owners, and also community outreach. we wanted the perspective of individuals in the community, a longtime resident of the fillmore district, a community person. this is from the japan town community, and also, a man living in the film more center. we did work very diligently to make certain that we had a fair level of the nondiscriminatory approach. >> it is important that we do
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everything that we can to uphold this conclusion, for the people who are not property owners or business owners. i appreciate this and you'll get to expand this inclusion effort to list the participation. what about those who are not merchants of the fillmore? >> to answer that, we meet the fourth wednesday of every month, and we have begun the process of having merchants meeting, which has plummeted. we try to get all the persons involved in the discussion throughout the items that would affect every merchant on the corridor. and the community personalities
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in the community. we had a meeting last month and one thing i told the community and the merchants is that many of these people have very creative ideas for the district, but what i was saying is that they look at the opportunity to coalesce the collective energy for months after months. they are working together to have a more consistent footpath. they're coming together and in the monthly meetings, we inform the community about the meetings and allow them the opportunity to share so that we
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can be a better board. >> i think the merchants who are not members should find some ability to outreach to those merchants, so they can assist them be on the border. >> one thing that we do, we are going door by door to make certain that everyone is aware of the merchants meeting, and we involve them in the process. we have done this and we will continue to reach out to all those businesses. and the people who are not active enough can be more vigilant. >> the good news is that i see that night time, we see a change in the attention given